Airborne Precision Imaging - Arizona
Consulting and aerial imaging for scientific, educational, consumer and commercial users
An independant research project of Professor David G. Iadevaia *
Click on the image to the left for a demonstration of the process and brief
explanation of the properties of the images. Altitude, field of view (FOV) and
camera sensor size all contribute to the resolution of the final images. Since
the outcome is dependant on the purpose of the images a consultation is
necessary. The fee for consultation, image collection or learning to use your
own UAV is $100.00 per hour.
The image on the left is called a Quick-Look. Quick-Look images are not
photometric but do provide a general overview of a property. The Quick-Look
is suitable for real estate agents and tax assessors as it is a timely image of a
property. A Quick-Look image could also be used by lawyers, contractors,
law enforcement, surveyors or archaeologists needing a quick aerial survey
image of a location. Cost for the Quick-Look image is $155.00 which includes
all the images from which the composite was made. The individual images may
be photometric.
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Copyright 2014 by Professor David G. Iadevaia Tucson, AZ
The image on the left is a Quick-Shot. A Quick-Shot image is of the entire property taken at an appropriate altitude. This is the image of least resolution but is photometric in that it is an actual image showing structures as they are in reality. Relative measurements and placements of objects in the image can be made. This is the least expensive image. Cost of $50.00 includes a digital copy of the image.
*Airborne Precision Imaging - Arizona is Professor Iadevaia's sole source of revenue for his independant research in the safe use of UAVs for various scientific, educational, consumer and commercial users such as municipalities, contractors, law enforcement, surveyors, real estate agents/photographers, archaeologists, farmers, search and rescue personnel or geologists. Professor Iadevaia has been conducting UAV research since 2011. The focus of this research is not only in the use of but also the reliablity and safety of UAVs. The modest fees for the products (which are also part of the research) presented on this website help defray the cost of his research.
Click on image to the left for a Bird's Eye view of the usefulness of UAV imaging. These devices are technologically sophisticated and adaptable for many uses.